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Boston commercial photographer Wayne Dion specializes in advertising & marketing photography for a wide variety of businesses. We have been on assignments coast to coast to creating images that capture attention. We do our research. We scout out your competition and learn as much as we can so that the images we create become more powerful than those of your competitor.

It’s not what we shoot…it’s how we shoot it™

Boston Commercial Photography:
All of our imaging is created for businesses. When we accept an assignment we research your industry so that the images we provide are on target within your market. Business is extremely competitive. Knowing what your products and services mean to your industry helps us create the look and feel that will keep your company out front.

We specialize in a wide variety of styles, subject matter and recording medium. We have decades of experience in product & architectural photography, industrial photography, people, medical, technical & lifestyle photography as well as high definition video production.

Everything we create usually ends up becoming advertising. Our images have sold more diverse types of products and services than we can remember. With a B.A. in Studio Art, Wayne Dion not only can light and shoot but also design & style the set. We have worked with agencies and art directors all over the country but usually handle our own set-design and art direction.

On Location Commercial Photography
We have traveled the country more times than we can remember. Dion & crew have completed assignments in places like Seattle, WA...Los Angelels...Laredo, TX...Staten island....Chicago, Il and even in Aurora, NE ! It doesn't matter where you send us, we'll be on-site and on time every single time. In 2013, we completed assignments in 16 states!

Advertising Photography:
Everything we create usually ends up becoming advertising. Our images have sold more diverse types of products and services than we can remember. We have worked with agencies and art directors all over the country but usually handle our own set-design and art direction.

We have produced advertising images for investment firms, manufacturers, distributors, inventors, high-tech start-ups and everything in between. Our portfolios show the spectrum of our commercial photography styles and industries served.

Boston Aerial Photography:
Aerial photography is separated into a category of its own. We call it Boston Aerial. We specialize in dramatic aerial photography created from helicopters, single engine aircraft, hot air balloons or an everyday bungee cord hanging from a crane. We love to fly. We love to shoot.

We have been producing aerial photography for businesses and government agencies for decades.

Aerial images create a dynamic impact to your collateral. We shoot for web, print, display, advertising, electronic or any other kind of publication. Call us today for more information.

Visit our aerial photography site ( to see samples of our work. When we photograph your property, we get YOUR property and not the entire county.

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We accept assignments from Boston to LA and everywhere in between. See our assignment map for more information.

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About Boston commercial photographer- Wayne Dion

We have been creating images for business and industry for decades. Dion & Company specializes in creating images that sell products & services or captures the beauty of a new building, landscape or the intern that was just hired. We target your audience and create visuals, photos or video productions that capture their attention. We travel for assignments and are always on time no matter where we go. See our assignment map here.

Our slogan is “it’s not what we shoot…it’s how we shoot it™” because we have been handed some pretty gnarly boxes of parts that didn’t look like much but we saw a diamond in the rough. No matter how mundane a product or part may be, we make it look like a million bucks!

Most of our commercial photography is created on location. Sometimes it’s because the people involved cannot travel or because the subject is so large it cannot be shipped. It doesn’t matter to us. We are in TSA’s Global Entry Program to expedite ourselves through airport security. We ship most of the gear to your location and set it up for the shoot.

We love thinking on our feet and out-of-the box. Our images and video can enhance your brand or help build it from scratch.

Industrial photography and video is always interesting. The challenge of making an industrial setting look fantastic is what we provide in 36 megapixels or less.

Lifestyle photography is the art of making something or someone look more dramatic than they actually are. Adding the “cool” factor to an otherwise bland scene.

Photographing products or the people & machines that make those products has been one of the main focuses of our business from the beginning. We have a passion for commercial and industrial photography. It’s the same passion we had in the beginning and it has grown stronger over the years. Our vacations (the few of them there are) are still photography based. Photography is not only what we do, it’s who we are.

We have a wide variety of clients who all have had a different goal for their imaging. We have photographed people and products for countless manufacturers and machine shops, the Boston Marathon for Nike, spent years photographing the Boston Red Sox for UPI, worked as an artist at WCVB-TV 5 Boston, been on lighting crews and video crews for Fidelity Investments, ESPN, BBC as well as aerial photography for Mass Eye and Ear, Solar panel manufacturers, Suffolk Construction, NASDi, the new Seaport development in Boston to name a few.

Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies but many (most) are not. We create commercial photography and video for senior housing, water filtration system manufacturers, national trucking companies, machine shop owners who are fabricating the simplest to the most complex items for use in anything from tooth brushes to nuclear submarines.

Being a Boston commercial photographer we have photographed in cleanroom environments, wore fireproof clothing, harnesses on construction sites, life preservers on boats as well as restraints in helicopters without doors! Our aerial photography is called Boston Aerial. You can see aerial images of Boston and other areas at

Medical device, biotech and scientific photography are also services we offer. Cleanrooms, stainless steel, bunny suits and hair nets are all in a days’ work. Dion has lenses that get so close only a microscope can get closer.

Dion & Company uses some of the best digital imaging cameras available today. Our still cameras capture images at 36 megapixels. That’s 7300 pixels wide! We have every lens from 14mm to 400mm including close-up and image stabilizing lenses. We use Kenyon Labs Gyros for our video and photo when shooting from moving objects. We have boom microphones, camera cranes, dollies and tripods that can help make your industrial video production a success. Dion & Company also edits video and has professional voice talent ready to go at a moment’s notice. You can view our industrial video capabilities and samples ar Boston Motion (

It's not about us, it's about you. Customer service is paramount at Dion & Company. We realize that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of photographers to choose from. While web-searching for a creative photographer your selection is based upon images and styles you see. Our business is more than just pictures. Dependability, punctuality and satisfaction are all an integral part of our commercial photography business.

Once you've worked with us you'll realize you've made the right choice.

No matter where you are or where you send us, we have your proofs online by the next business morning and high resolution images on DropBox within 48 hours of your image selection.

The following list includes commercial photography assignments we have had in the past or are currently working on...

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